Platinum Lightworker Giveaway

Win Over $500 Worth of Readings and Healings!

One winner will be randomly chosen to receive over $500 worth of readings and healings from four top-notch practitioners... plus everyone gets a free gift!

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Numerology Reading + Healing Code Channeling Session with Kian Xie (valued at $130)

90 minute session via phone or Skype

Discover the numbers in your name, birthdate, and other areas of your life, and what they have to tell you about your strengths, talents, and how you can overcome challenges. Kian will first guide you through a summary of your core numbers and numerology grid. Then we will work together to channel a custom "healing code" for you that can help you manifest a change that your heart is calling for. These numerical codes can be used to aid healing in the physical or emotional body, enhance your success in a career or project, or improve your relationships with others.

Breaking Through Obstacles Introductory Session with Sandra J. Edwards (valued at $75)

30-minute phone session + written report

Motivational and thought-provoking assessment of concrete strategies to overcome blocks and gain greater success with ease and joy. Provides steps to conquer your most pressing challenges, struggles and fears. Also gives insight as to simple ways of enhancing your effectiveness, discipline and personal accountability. Suitable for anyone open to releasing limitations or bad habits and improving life experience.

5-Card Tarot Reading + Elder Futhark Divination Ritual with RUUNE (valued at $100)

30-60 minute phone session + distance ritual

About the Tarot Reading: A 5-card reading using a classic Smith Deck to answer any question. Does not act as a prediction, but instead helps foster an empowerment for epiphany within oneself. Using the cards to investigate narrative architecture in the self can be a powerful tool for intuition and grace.

About the Elder Futhark Divination Ritual: The Elder Futhark is a set of runes that is etched onto the souls of people everywhere: this ritual involves drawing upon the letters to find out how they cross one another within your lifetime. Seek guidance about a situation or experience you struggle with, or to process trauma hidden in your past.

Prosperity Healing with Astra (valued at $197)

Distance Healing + Personal Written Report

From Astra, the Money Majesty Goddess: It’s time to relax about money (and everything else)! Are you ready to give up stressing out about the “hows” and “whens” of where your next lump sum of moolah is coming from, and surrender to your true state of Peaceful Prosperity? During this powerful session I connect with your energy and perform a combination of shamanic healing and energy work, clearing any blocks and balancing your energy for your optimum prosperity! I then send you a written report of what transpired during your session, along with self-care guidance for how to integrate the session and post-session energetic maintenance tips.

Plus... EVERYONE Gets a Free Gift!

Healing With Numbers: A 3-Part Mini-Course

Simply entering this raffle will get you free access (if you want it) to Kian's new Healing With Numbers mini-course, coming out in November. Do you see numbers all around you - 333, 777, 11:11 - and wonder what they mean? Every number you see has a special message and healing for you, and this course helps you better understand what the numbers and patterns in your life are telling you!

Topics include understanding the meanings of the numbers 0-9, the real reason why triple numbers such as 333 are so meaningful, and how you can use numbers to heal your family relationships.

To get this free gift, just indicate on your entry form that you want to receive the course, and you'll be put on the list to join!

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Contest Rules: One (1) winner will be chosen randomly on 10/30/2016 at 12:00 AM via Rafflecopter to receive the grand prize valued at $502, not redeemable for cash or any alternative products or services to those presented on this page. Winner will be contacted by each of the four practitioners providing prize services in order to set up appointments and intentions for the readings and healings, and the winner must respond within two weeks to ensure they can receive their prizes. Appointments may be made up to three months from the time of winning, and this period may be extended at the discretion of each individual practitioner. Permission for the winner to gift their prize(s) to another person may be given at the discretion of each individual practitioner. This contest is not affiliated with Facebook in any way, and liking, sharing, or commenting on Facebook is not required for entry or advantage. All entrants who indicate that they would like access to the free Healing With Numbers mini-course will be placed on a mailing list to receive updates on the course, and will receive access when the course is released in November 2016.